Now that you’ve got your account set up, it’s time to get your vehicle equipped for passengers. I’ve provided links for both amazon and ebay depending on your preference. Yes, I do receive a small referral fee if you use the links provided so if the information on this site has been helpful to you, I invite you to use them.

Cell Phone Mount

I cannot stress this enough, you NEED a good cell phone mount before you accept your first ride. Without a mount you will be violating common sense, most local laws, and your partner agreement. There are many styles available but the two most common are cradle and magnetic. The cradle style is by far the most popular with ride share drivers.  My personal preference is the magnetic style utilizing a thin metal plate in the phone case, the reason for this is you will end up needing to pick up your phone quite often to make changes to the passengers destination or check the GPS directions, when this happens you will need to be able to access it quickly and not have to mess with the arms on the cradle to get the phone back in. Of course this is all to be done before the ride begins or at a long red light. The Mous Limitless is the case I use.

Phone Chargers and Aux Cords

Obviously you’ll need a charger for your phone, but you’ll also need chargers for your passengers devices, this is the single most requested amenity and having them available when your riders phone is almost dead is an instant 5 star rating, the opposite is also true. If you drive at night the next most requested item is an aux cord.  

You can keep buying cheap cables at a gas station that will sometimes work or you can invest once in high quality cables and never have to think about it again, I recommend the latter.  All of the cables and adapters I use are made by a company called Anker and I will never go back to off brand or even cables supplied by manufacturers, the Anker products are moderately priced and way over engineered. 

To be fully prepared make sure you have a charger for your phone, a Micro USB, Lightning, a USB-C, an Aux cable, and a Lightning audio adapter.

Vehicle Cleaning

Aside from your personality, the biggest factor that will affect your ratings is the cleanliness of your vehicle.  The 3 main areas that need your attention are the outside, floor and seat surfaces, and the windows. 

 If you will be driving on a regular basis I highly recommend an unlimited plan at your nearest car wash, plan on washing twice a week if you’re driving more than 3 days a week. 

For the floors and seats you’ll want to invest in a small battery powered vacuum and use it every day before you begin driving, also having a lint roller for the seats can make cleaning small particles and pet hair much easier.

The windows are the most visible part of the car at the end of the ride so you’ll want to make sure they are crystal clear. After trying most of the products on the market I’ve found the best products are foaming glass cleaners for a streak free finish, also a cleaning wand will make your front windshield a lot less frustrating. Plan on cleaning all interior class every 2 weeks or more often when needed

Sickness bags

If you are only driving during the day you probably wont have too many sick passengers, however if you are going to drive at night, especially when the bars close and the big surges happen you will eventually have to deal with a passenger who had a few too many, for me this didn’t happen until well after 600 rides but it could happen to you on your first night out. Both Lyft and Uber are reliable about paying the cleaning fee when this happens but it is in my opinion the least desirable way to make money in ride share driving, for this reason a stock of emesis bags should always be on hand.   

Seat covers

This is a matter of preference but if you’re really nervous about the condition of your fabric, or cleaning it after a passenger makes a mess, seat covers are an excellent way to reduce that anxiety. 

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