Let's Get Started

Follow step 1 and 2 even if you only plan to drive for 1 service, if you don’t you’ll be missing valuable information needed to maximize your earnings (they both give bonuses too). Do these right away, even if you’re still trying to decide if you want to drive as the background check process can take anywhere between 2 days and a few weeks

Step 1

Sign up for Uber, Click here and you’ll get the current bonus available in your area ($150 to $700, or a minimum guaranteed amount)

Step 2

Sign up for lyft, use this link and you’ll get the current bonus in your area (250 to 500, usually a set amount earned extra per ride)

Step 3

Print out the Uber vehicle inspection form, and the lyft vehicle inspection form and take them to your mechanic

Step 4

Install the apps (you’ll get links in the sign up process). You will then be greeted with several screens running you through some basic tutorials and then you’ll be asked to submit your documents (drivers license, proof of insurance, registration)

Step 5

Install your supporting apps.
Music – I recommend the paid version of pandora, as the Uber driver app has controls on the map screen 
Flight Arrivals – Flightaware 
A mileage tracker – I recommend MileIQ, click here for 20% off your first year

Step 6

Find a local car wash with an unlimited plan, a gas station or self serve car wash will cost you $4 to $8 per use, I pay $15 a month and wash my car at least twice a week

Step 7

Put together your on the go maintenance kit the list below contains links to my suggestions for this, you’ll need to figure out storage based on what works for your specific car, I use a black rubber made container with a lid that fits neatly in my cargo area, make sure what ever you use doesn’t take up much space, you need to have room in your trunk or cargo space for 2 large suitcases

Step 8

Once your car is squeaky clean, windows crystal clear, floors and seats vacuumed, background checks approved, you’re almost ready to go. Now is the time to look at Driving Strategies and read up on how to save yourself from new driver headaches and make sure your experience a pleasurable one.

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